Hiring employees, if done badly, can be costly. Done well, hiring the right staff can help you achieve your aims and contribute towards profitable growth. We’ll support you along every step of the way with a variety of recruitment services
  • Succession planning What skills do your current team have? We’ll help explore whether diversifying some of your internal talent can be part of the plan And if not, we’ll help you get started with succession planning for the future, retaining and developing the talent that you’ve worked so hard to bring on board.
  • Competency frameworks We’ll work with you to define key skills and abilities that are crucial for success in your business. Recruitment of new staff will be based on how they measure up or perform against these competencies.
  • Job specifications and person specifications Ensuring that the brief is right - from the very start.  Taking time to pin down what you are looking for, the behaviours, qualifications, skills and depth of experience that you need will help avoid making hiring mistakes.
  • Advertising We’ll produce legally compliant yet attractive and engaging advertising copy and can use our extensive network to get the best rates if you’re looking to use online job boards. We’re also experts at social media advertising.
  • Headhunting and Search Depending on the nature of the role we can discretely and expertly search the marketplace in your industry  and attract candidates who have a proven track record in a similar role.
  • Interview & Selection We can provide interview materials that focus on discovering whether candidates possess the exact skills and competencies you need and will genuinely fit with your business.  We can also support with conducting interviews and can deliver training workshops to help you develop excellent interviewing skills within your business.
  • Assessment Centres We can design and deliver engaging Assessment Centres that promote your business and strengthen your employer brand, enabling you to assess a number of candidates at the same time. Depending on the role, observing group dynamics can be enormously enlightening. We can provide assessor training to involve your current team in the process. We can also support as assessors.
  • Reference checks and right to work in the UK checks We can help handle this administration for you.
  • Offer letters and contracts of employment We can ensure that the expectations are clear from the start and that you are issuing contracts that are legally compliant and fit for purpose.

Contact Louise at Virtual HR Hub for a free consultation and more information about how we can help you incorporate a recruitment process that fits your business, your style and your plans for the future. 

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